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Watercolour - 56cm X 36cm Arches 300gsm "rough" 


The costume of Gąbin and Sannica, as well as the entire region, were discovered, initially described and presented to the world, relatively late, as late as in 1951, thanks to research initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Art and the Department of Culture of the Provincial National Council in Warsaw. As a result of these activities, it was possible to delineate the boundaries of the region, and one of its determinants, apart from painted chests, decorative fabrics and cut-outs, was clothing and awareness of the cultural distinctiveness of the inhabitants. Eventually, this region was called the Gąbinsko-Sannicki region, although the term "Sannite region" is also used. Sanniki is considered to be the centre of the region, where regional traditions are still very much alive.

Polish Folkloric Costumes - Sannica Region

  • Painting delivered in AusPost tube. Signature, tracking and insurance included. All care taken to make sure painting is inspected and is in mint condition prior to postage. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED.

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