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Watercolour - 56cm X 36cm Arches 300gsm "rough" 


The Lublin Region and the Subcarpathian Region can boast of a wide selection of folk costumes. Only in the Lublin region alone, as many as 28 varieties of folk costumes have been distinguished, including the Krzczonów costume, known as the Lublin costume, the Biłgoraj costume, the Lutsk costume or the Hrubieszów costume. Also in the Subcarpathian region there are several varieties of folk costumes, such as the Rzeszów costume, the costumes of the Lasowiaks or the costume of Haczów. The Lublin Region and the Subcarpathian Region are proof that even a homogeneous society such as Poles can be multicultural, without losing their national identity. Just look at this expanding folklore.

Polish Folkloric Costumes - Lublin Region

  • Painting delivered in AusPost tube. Signature, tracking and insurance included. All care taken to make sure painting is inspected and is in mint condition prior to postage. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED.

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