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Watercolour - 56cm X 36cm Arches 300gsm "rough" 


The costume had several local variations: Lubocheń, Smardzewicka and Odrzywolska, but the most uniform costumes are those from the villages near Opoczno. The areas where the Opoczno costume was formed were poorly industrialized, and the basis of the population's livelihood was agriculture and livestock. The greatest development of the Opoczno costume took place in the post-enfranchisement period and lasted until the First World War. The oldest mentions of costume from this region date back to 1828, and the basis for the studies are museum collections. The costume underwent changes: it changed its colours, cut, and ornamentation. It was based on homespun linen fabrics for shirts and linen-wool fabrics with a weave of linen grosgrain for woollen fabrics and other elements of clothing. The costumes of Opoczno differ from the costumes of the neighbouring regions in the darker and more subdued colours of the striped uniform and ornamentation, e.g. sewn on black velvet ribbons.

Polish Folkloric Costumes - Opoczno Region

  • Painting delivered in AusPost tube. Signature, tracking and insurance included. All care taken to make sure painting is inspected and is in mint condition prior to postage. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED.

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