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"Watercolour can be a very illusive medium. It becomes a journey to refine a process, for some "the climbing of a huge mountain" and for others"an awakening". Whatever it is that draws you to watercolour, it has a way of connecting with and revealing your soul"


I am an architect. I see the world around me in my own unique way. My watercolours allow me to capture, to craft and create visual representations of spaces and places that evoke something more than the physical reality. The visual tapestry I am confronted with every time I look out the window, or go for a walk or even travel to distant lands are overwhelming.


I see a watercolour painting in every warm glowing ray of sunlight, every cool deep shadow and shimmering reflection over water. I am excited with the changing light through the entirety of the day as these moments provide me the keys to capturing the ever illusive qualities of mood and atmosphere

My passion is painting plein-air and I enjoy immensely painting dramatic landscapes, seascapes, urban and nautical themes. My paintings seek to exploit the drama and ephemeral qualities of light and to  capture on paper, ordinary everyday places with a new evocative celebration of light.


My work continues to be exhibited both locally and overseas. I conduct regular specialty workshops and painting demonstrations to a broad range of enthusiastic students, artists and community groups. I teach regularly through a variety of art societies and associations. I have also created a number of online watercolour courses and teach regular online classes to both absolute beginners and advanced students.

A quick-time "teaser" video of the Corpus Christi Basilica, Kazimierz, Krakow - Poland. To see this and other quick time videos - go to my Youtube Channel. CLICK HERE.

All my watercolour paintings are for sale. Whilst I retain a few paintings in my personal collection, I offer all my watercolour paintings for purchase and I am also happy to discuss commission pieces. Please contact me in the first instance via email on szczepan@bigpond.net.au or feel free check out my work on BLUETHUMB - my online gallery.

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